Way back in November I began a project devised for utilising the bronze casting resources at Wolverhampton University made possible through the AA2A scheme.

The proposal being to make five medalic forms drawn from the stages explored in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a poem  written around 1400. It is thought by some to be our first ecological poem and loosely follows the Celtic year cycle beginning in November.

I was inspired after seeing Simon Armitage’s presentation of his recent translation on the BBC.

Researching Holly was the point of departure into what was a deep and not always comfortable process of discovery, creative journeys can be expressions of the inner self, this being manifest in the outer world and visa versa.

The poem’s climax is reached in The Green Chapel, a location suggested to be Lud’s Church to be found in The Derbyshire Peak  an area where Nadens have lived for generations.

The medals are well on the way and much has been learnt in all sorts of ways.

HOLLY: Tenbury Wells

and yesterday on yesterday the year dies away

hard on his heels through the highlands come giants

Images: Long Mynd Shropshire

Text inserts: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by Simon Armitage



About jo naden

Sculptor: public art and private commissions, often site specific, responding to landscape and ecology. Domestic scaled sculpture in bronze limited editions Extensive experience in Art education and Arts and Health.
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