Lidl Commission

Charm: site-specific sculpture commissioned by Lidl for Finchfield Wolverhampton 


charm of goldfinches

                                   five forms in a white circle gather

                                   neither yet bird nor pear

                                   look out from the stone all about

                                   neither yet basket nor nest

                                  neither yet woven nor stitched

                                  deep red, black white, and strong yellow

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About jo naden

Sculptor: public art and private commissions, often site specific, responding to landscape and ecology. Domestic scaled sculpture in bronze limited editions Extensive experience in Art education and Arts and Health.
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1 Response to Lidl Commission

  1. Fabulous. Inspirational beautifully poetic visuals entwining nature. The bronzes look like an army of knights waiting to lay seige. I love the photograph of Long Mynd – very brooding. Truly honest and highly accomplished work.

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